Free Inspection Visit
Le Château du Broutel & Le Château de Warsy

Thank you for your interest in our inspection visits to Château du Broutel and Château de Warsy. Dates of our next Inspection Visit coming soon. During your inspection visit your accommodation will be at Le Château du Broutel. There will be a half day visit to Château de Warsy during your stay.

If you wish to a book a place on the visit please forward your cheque for £75 per person (max 2 per school) made payable to le Château du Broutel Trust Account. (Payment is refundable, subject to booking being made and payment of the full deposit being received).

In the meantime please don't hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

Kind Regards
Mandy Price
Chateau Administrator

Proposed Itinerary

Day Breakfast Session 1 (am) Session 2 (am) Session 3 (am) Lunch Session 4 (pm) Dinner Session 5 (evening)
Tuesday             Arrival Château approx. 6:30pm apéritif Château bar 7:15pm, dinner 8pm
Wednesday breakfast 8:15am, depart Château 9am 9.30am Etaples Market and Cemetary 11am Chocolate Factory 12.30pm Packed Lunches at Berck 1.30 pm Snail Farm 3.30pm Site Tour of Broutel / 4.30 Rue Tour dinner at Broutel 7pm
Thursday breakfast 8:15am, depart Château 9am 10.00am -11am Goat Farm near Warsy 11.30-12.30 Grottes de Naours Packed Lunches @ 12.45 Amiens Town 1.45 Warsy Site Tour at 3.45pm Dinner at Warsy 6pm Arrive back at Broutel @ 8.30pm
Friday breakfast 8:15am leave Château at 9am Supermarket          


7.00 - M6 knutsford Service Station South Bound
8.45 - M42 (J2 off motorway) Hopwood Service
Station 10.30 - M40 (J8A off motorway) Oxford Service Station
11.15 - M25 (Between J9 & 10 off motorway) Cobham Service Station
12.55 - M20 (J11 off motorway) Stop 24 Service Station
14.00 - Arrive Port
14.20 - Depart for France
17.00 - Arrive Calais (French time) Approx


9.00 - Depart Château
10.00 - Arrive Hyper Market
11.30 - Depart for port
11.50 - Arrive at port
12.50 - Depart for the UK
13.20 - Arrive UK(GMT) Approx
13.40 - M20 (J11 off Motorway) Stop 24 Service Station
14.45 - M25 (Between J9 & 10 off motorway) Cobham Service Station
16.10 - M40 (J8A off motorway) Oxford Service Station
17.10 - M42 (J2 off motorway) Hopwood Service Station
20.20 - M6 Knutsford Service Station North Bound

Please note that you require a valid passport and European medical card. The Coach Company we use is Sharpes of Nottingham. Their 24 hour telephone number is 0115 9894466.

All timings are approximate & are subject to the coach driver taking his legal breaks

Please note that there is a charge to park cars at all the service station car parks which is payable by the party leader and not le Château du Broutel or Château de Warsy . I would recommend that you contact the service station for up to date parking charges

Notes on travelling arrangements:-

Knutsford service station. There is a foot bridge between the south & north bound service stations, so you can leave your car. Parking is charged at £35 per day at this service station

Hopwood Service Station is situated off the motorway at junction 2, so you can leave your car.

Oxford Service Station is situated off the motorway at junction 8a. So you can leave your car.

Cobham Service Station is situated off the motorway between junction 9 - 10 near Heathrow,

Stop 24 Motorway Service Station is situated off the motorway at junction 11, so you can leave your car. £7 per 24 hours payable by credit card by phoning number listed at station.

Terms and Conditions

1. The purpose of the teacher's inspection is to promote the various educational courses operated at Le Château du Broutel and Le Château de Warsy to Party Leaders.
2. PRICE: - Party Leader £75 | Spouse/Colleague £75
The full retail price of a four-day inspection is £300.00 per person.
3. Party Leaders will be given a full refund for up to 2 people should the school book a course to either of our Châteaux after payment of full deposits. Therefore making the Inspection visit free. The monies will be refunded after the inspection, subject to you attending the visit.
4. The inspection trip will only take place, if enough teachers wish to attend
5. Teachers are responsible for their own travel insurance
6. Personal expenses such as: -car parking, meals en-route, bar drinks, mini bar, telephone etc. are not included.
7. Pick up points are Manchester (Knutsford Service Station), Birmingham (Hopwood Service Station), M25 Cobham Service & Stop 24 Service station. No refunds can be made for clients missing the coach or parking fees which are payable at each of these venues.
8. Payment in full is now due.
9. A full programme of visits, activities and excursions are included. No refunds/discounts are provided should clients wish not to participate in any of the programme or if parts of the programme are missed due to weather, travel delays or cancellation make at the discretion of Château du Broutel.
10. Rooming allocation at the discretion of the management. Twin teacher rooms, student accommodation for additional teachers (all en-suite). Teachers are not allocated Château rooms.
11. Terms and conditions as at 18/10/17